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At Yorktown Therapy Services, we provide a variety of options to best meet the needs of your child.  With our wide range of services, we can provide evaluation and treatment for children of all ages and with varying needs including:


  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication

  • Autism

  • Articulation & Phonological Disorders

  • Apraxia

  • Expressive/Receptive Language

  • Pragmatic Language Disorders/Social Skills

  • Fluency/Stuttering

  • Literacy & Pre-Literacy

  • Selective Mutism

  • Kindergarten Readiness

  • Parent/Caregiver Coaching

  • IEP/Second Opinion Consultations

Teacher and Pupil



The first step in determining appropriate treatment options is usually a comprehensive assessment to evaluate current skills and abilities. This evaluation helps us to identify baseline skills and the most appropriate treatment options.

Boy Playing with Blocks


We provide individual therapy sessions incorporating the child's high-interest activities as well as a range of child-led play-based learning and more structured activities as appropriate. 

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt


We offer group sessions in addition to individual sessions to provide opportunities to practice targeted skills in a more social environment. These sessions also provide social opportunities to engage with peers.

Sharing Student


We offer sessions targeting literacy and pre-literacy activities including shared reading, phonological awareness, decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and written language. Literacy activities also support and reinforce spoken language expression and comprehension and can be a successful complement to any speech-language treatment plan.

Stacking Blocks


We offer Kindergarten readiness sessions to provide children with engaging and motivating opportunities to boost and refine skills in preparation for the classroom. Skills addressed include basic concept knowledge, pre-literacy skills, turn-taking, and social communication.

Business Meeting at a Cafe


At Yorktown Therapy Services, we understand that an important component of a child's success is parent and caregiver coaching. In addition to regular feedback about your child's progress, we also offer coaching sessions to provide specialized instruction on implementation strategies for the home and community settings. 

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