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Come Play With Us!

COME PLAY WITH US! There are so many skills that can be targeted during play. For young communicators, play is essential for learning. When engaged in motivating, play-based activities, it's the perfect time to learn essential skills like joint attention, functional play, symbolic play, and imitation-- all building blocks for the development of receptive and expressive language. And as those skills develop, play-based experiences set the stage for the communication of wants and needs, production of comments and questions, conversational turn-taking, phonemic awareness, utterance expansion, and development of vocabulary. Is play only for young children? NO! We all learn best when we are motivated and having FUN! Play for older children can include motivating activities like strategic games, motor-based activities like basketball or the trampoline, building activities like Legos or marble runs, science experiments, or crafts. At Yorktown Therapy Services, we work hard to develop individualized, motivating, FUN activities that best meet the needs of your child. Want to see how your child's communication skills can improve? Come play with us!


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