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Speech and Language Milestones

We are getting lots of calls from concerned parents who are worried about their child's early speech and language development. Many parents of toddlers aged 18 months-2 1/2 years are realizing that their child isn't really talking or acquiring new words, or even producing simple speech sounds. Sometimes we are able reassure parents with a simple consultation call, informing them that their child is right where they should be. Other times, we note cause for concern and commend parents for being proactive. Early intervention is best! Are you concerned about whether your child is meeting speech and language milestones? Check out this information to see if your child is achieving age expectations. Every child is different, but if your child has not yet reached one or more of the following milestones, consider reaching out to your pediatrician and/or a speech-language pathologist. At Yorktown Therapy Services, we are happy to speak with you and provide a free consultation. For more information and to learn about early warning signs, check out

12-18 Months

  • produces first words

  • hums to songs

  • imitates animal sounds

  • listens to simple stories

  • uses 2-6 words other than "mama" or "dada"

18-24 Months

  • Uses 10-50 words

  • Uses a variety of words

  • Understands 150-300 words

  • Imitates and produces 2-word combinations

  • Points to and labels pictures independently

24-30 Months

  • Uses 200-300 words

  • Produces CVC structures with early sounds (e.g., "bed" or "top")

  • Speech is 25%-50% intelligible

  • Echoes adult words and inflections

  • Knows animals, body parts, & simple verbs

  • Listens to books and holds them correctly

30-36 Months

  • Uses about 450-1,000 words

  • Uses positional words (e.g., in, on), color words, and early pronouns (I, me, you)

  • Asks questions like, "What's that?"

  • Produces 2-3 word combinations

  • Speech is 50%-75% intelligible

  • Listens to and looks at books

  • Begins to recognize logos in environment


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